The Plan

In this post, I will be laying out The Plan for how I am going to take control of my health and life. I have done this before (remember when I decided to lose weight and dropped 175 pounds?) and I can do it again.

This post will probably change as time progresses, as I learn more. But I want to keep a record of what works and what doesn’t and this blog will serve that function.

Part 1 – Nix the bad intake.

I have found several suggestions of things I need to eliminate. These include:

  • coffee
  • chocolate
  • tea
  • alcohol
  • marijuana
  • sugar

This is going to be difficult. Like really difficult. I will just have to look at it from this perspective. Instead of using these items to treat my symptoms, I will instead eliminate them to PREVENT the symptoms. I will focus on the overall health goal.

No more wine, no more marijuana for sleep, no more chocolate. Coffee is gonna be hard. I will need to wean myself off. Even though I only have 1 or 2 cups, if I don’t, I get migraines. But… it is necessary.

The thought is that these items use up neurotransmitters,  which then are depleted and unable to help pull me from fight or flight mode. These items also cause fight or flight mode. So… no more.

I read that the Paleo Diet is the way to go.

Part 2 – Slow Down!

It is not necessary that I half run everywhere. I will consciously slow myself down in my movements. This will help me to retain energy, be safer (due to ortho static hypotension), and send less stressful signals to my brain. Hopefully, this will prevent the triggering of fight or flight.

Don’t be afraid to say no. This is a biggie. I often overload myself with too much.

Part 3 – New Attitude!

This is a big thing. It will be tough, but it is absolutely imperative. I can’t remember a time when I was so screwed up mentally.

I am so ashamed of my mental state and behavior lately. I feel as if my brain isn’t functioning correctly, and it probably isn’t. I CAN say that  this was happening before the alcohol and marijuana use, but it probably isn’t helping. I have been using them to sleep. I also got into the habit of using them to calm down. Now I wonder… did I make it worse by trying to self medicate?

I have reached out to a couple of counselors for help. I woke up this morning with a determination to take control and fix me.

Part 4 – Take ownership of my own health

I am a smart woman. I usually have things figured out before my docs do. For some reason. I have taken a back seat and let them run the show this time. The result is confusion, lack of improvement, and frustration on my part.

I plan to insist on a neurology consult, restart my anti depressants, take the prescribed heart pills, and restart my vitamins. I will also be holding my doctors accountable and doing my own research.

To be continued…

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